Internet Marketing

Sponsored Search

On a typical Google page there are two columns. On the left are listed regular web sites (Organic Listings - Free Clicks), on the right sponsored advertising (Paid Clicks).

Google charges the site owner, for the latter, every time a visitor clicks on the ad and is taken to the advertiser’s site.

Both forms of marketing have their place in SEM.

To provide valuable, well presented information to Surfers, Search Engines limit the allowed ‘Keyword Density’ on the hosted WebSites, meaning only so many keywords can be used in any one site. Once this limit is reached paid links are available for the balance of your keywords.

  1. Organic search is getting your website to rank well for selected keywords
  2. Pay-per-click (ppc) marketing involves paying for an ad to rank well.

PPC marketing is also used for keywords that have too much competition on the web, to make acceptable, sustainable organic rankings possible.

Daily budgets and maximum costs per click may be set.


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