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Tailored Software Applications

Tailored Applications

Sometimes an off the shelf (boxed) solution cannot maximise your problem solving opportunities, whereas a Tailored Software Application (TAS) can.

Other times the TAS can link your 'Boxes' obviating the need for manual data transfer between them.

We have Data Management Software Platforms (DMSP) that can be installed over your existing Applications (MYOB, shopping cart, etc) and/or Data Bases (email addresses, price schedules, CRM, etc) to store, retreive and use their contents for any purpose you require.(eg. replacing your current semi manual processing).

If applicable we can then build you a web solution that replicates the required functionality of any boxed application (word, excel, etc.) and install that above the DMSP to interlink and produce the final outcomes you require, on-line.

This means you (and your customers, if appropriate) have access to enter and/or retreive information (eg. reports or presentations) anywhere you can go on-line.  

Our user-specific software tailors systems to meet your business' specific needs, making your human resources much more efficient.


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